Friday, May 01, 2009

Pallid swift returns,

Its not very often a pallid swift returns to the same site or remains more than a few hours but luckily one did today . It was refound by Mark G early evening and after another dash to Seaforth and I connected with this lifer for me. My first views were only distant over the marina but eventually it gave superb views flying only a few metres above our heads around hide C . The sun was shining and all the subtle differences that separate it from common swift were seen. It looked pale brown in the sun with a large pale chin patch and dark surround to the eye. The dark outer primaries contrasting with the paler inner and secondries. You could even see the pale tips of the breast and belly feathers giving it a scaly effect. It also looked a little stouter than the couple of common swifts nearby.

As I left home I phoned Chris D who had been at seaforth all day and was just about to get on a train at Waterloo heading home and Colin D who was fortunately nearby on the dock road on his way to see Bob Dylan at the Echo arena. Both managing to connect with the swift.

Lots of relieved and happy faces on those that dipped the previous day including myself.

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