Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Plex Moss,Marshside and Seaforth
We came onto the moss from Station road and as I was scaning a ploughed field for last evenings dotterel a barn owl floated across, low over the field. The owl probably needing to hunt so late (9.ooam) due to last nights bad weather and maybe having younsters to feed. As we made our way further onto the moss checking every ploughed field I pick up a flock of waders flying away from us. I counted 15 medium sized pale waders against the dark rain clouds ( golden plover sized) heading north maybe half a mile ahead of us. They had to be last nights dotterel moving on. Some of the dotterel had been seen early morning close to Getterns farm by Mark G. Still about 20 whimbrel about. Had a pair of grey partridge and singing corn bunting also.

Off to Marshside and 2 drake garganey were very smart birds from the Hesketh Road platform. The rain had set in now, so an hour in nels hide gave us shelter and plenty of birds to look at but no sign of any curlew sandpiper or little stint. Called in to check sands lake and a nice male orange tip butterfly posed on a cuckoo flower.

The Pallid swift was still present at Seaforth and it raced around in the strong westerlies with 20 common swift. This pallid swift now here for its seveneth day. From the hide a couple of artic terns were with the common terns and sandwich terns. A common sandpiper also today.

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