Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Day 5 18th May 2011

El Rocio is a strange place with no tarmac roads, just sand. Most buildings have a rail for tieing your horse to.The main street is dominated by a large white church dedicated to the virgin mary which overlooks a big lagoon. My first views of the lagoon produced 20 whiskered terns,3 flamingos, 10 black kites, singing great reed warblers everywhere and many spoonbills feeding in the shallow waters.
  I then visited the nearby El arroya de la Rocina reserve which is one of only 2 permanent sources of fresh water in the nattional park.Some of the birds seen here were Marsh harrier,booted eagle, black shoulder kite, black kite, griffon vulture, common buzzard, tree sparrow, cuckoo, green woodpecker, nightingale, wren, blackcap,long tailed tit and spotted flycatcher. Night heron ,little egret grey heron and glossy ibis, red crested pochard.

                                                             griffon vultures
                                                                    Booted eagle
                                                                   Bath White
                                                          Large Psammodromus
                                   Lots of nightingales but almost impossible to see never mind photograph.
                                                            A very big cricket/ grasshopper
                                                     spotless starling

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