Sunday, May 01, 2011

Seaforth NR and a peek at Plex Moss,
     The first day of May was bright and sunny with a strong easterly blowing. A female whinchat, my first swift of the year, 4 arctic terns, 62 sandwich terns, 200+ common terns, 2 little gulls, and a black swan. A corn bunting made a brave attempt to sing on the topmost branch in the hooley blowing across plex moss. No sign of any dotterel yet.

 Beautiful little gulls but only 2 present today. Just looking back on this blog, on 19th April 2006 there was a count of 530 little gulls over crosby marina. A stunning sight to behold.

 A very showy female whinchat
 Nice streamers on this Arctic tern


Pete Kinsella said...

Great pics there Steve, especially the Arctic Tern and the Redshank.The outer primaries on the `shanks right wing look as though they`ve been snipped off!!

Steve Tomlinson said...

Cheers Pete