Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blue Heaven,
I hesitated to go for the bluethroat about 4pm after negative news appeared on birdguides. I should have gone then but decided to wait. After eating my evening meal some positive news came through so off I set for Hilbre at 6pm. " You must be mad " my wife commented but 40 minutes later I was parking up at West Kirby with the long trek across the sands awaiting me. It was quick march as the sun was starting to get low and it would take 40 minutes to get across. Thankfully the state of the tide was favourable. I met a landrover full of happy smiley faces about half way across . With Steve Williams at the helm I asked what news of the Bluethroat. "It was showing well when we left". I asked how many other visiting birders were on the island but was told that I was the only one mad enough to be heading there at this time of the day! So off I continued with renewed vigour with the positive news but wondering if I was slightly mad as my legs ached and the scope strap dug into my shoulder. It was a beautiful evening with warm sun and a light breeze and I had islands to myself. I finally arrived on Hilbre and I was looking at a small pond were the bluethroat was last seen. I met the only other person on the island , an observatory staff member, who was very helpful and invited me onto the obs veranda which looked right over the small pond. The sun was now low and there was no sign for 15 minutes before this stunning 1st summer male showed itself. It was very confiding and sat in the open for 10 minutes and allowed great views and photos.
Was I mad? Not a chance. While Alan kindly made me a cup of tea and everybody else in Europe was watching 22 overpaid footballers strut their stuff I had this wonderful bird all to myself on an island in the middle of the Dee estuary with a gorgeous sunset as a back drop. Just perfect.
After thanking Alan for my cup of tea I set off back across the sands to suburbia and it didn't seem a far to walk this time round!

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Anonymous said...

great pictures steve

Alan's Son...Andy!