Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Catchdale moss,
A flock of 20 pink feet with a probable snow goose was seen from Burrows lane at 08.30 . They were over the A580 heading east in the coach road area.Another flock of about 50 pinkfeet shortly afterwards in the same area heading west. The pink feet were calling and a similar sized white goose with dark primaries was with them but they were distant and it would need seeing at closer range for comfirmation of a Snow goose.There was a big arrival of pinkfeet in the marshside area today ( see John Dempseys blog) so hopefully it will stay in the area a while.
Brown Shrike at Flamborough today!

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ColinD said...

Hi Steve,
Last night I biked it all around Catchdale Moss, Reed's Moss, Rainford Bypass, Dairy Farm Road and the whole length of the Old Coach Road from the East Lancs to Bickerstaffe and didn't see a single goose, not even in flight. However, it's a big area, and a handfull of geese could easily go missing. I didn't have time to check any of the likely spots to the east of Rainford. Since it's so far not been reported from places like Martin Mere or Plex Moss, I reckon it's still in our area. I'll keep looking.